We are pioneers in the new challenges facing the Retail sector. At CBRE, we offer the best solutions and services for investors, retailers and landlords in a sector as global as the retail sector. Our access to the most extensive base of market data, our in-depth knowledge of consumer needs and trends, as well as our deep commitment to investing in innovation, allows us to offer competitive advantages to our clients in an ever-changing market that is increasingly being shaped by technology.

The importance of excellence and consumer experience. The world’s most successful business models are based on consumer experience and excellence. For us, these values are at the core of being able to identify a solution for any challenges that our clients set us. Our tried and tested experience in the sector, along with our unrivalled market knowledge provide invaluable sources of information that enable us to provide full-scale analyses in any Retail segment.

Global vision, local knowledge and committed to innovation. At CBRE, we offer a unique value-add in a sector as dynamic as the Retail sector: a global vision of what is happening anywhere in the world, coupled with local market know-how and experience. Our specialisation and investment in digitalisation mean we are perfectly-placed to understand the major changes facing the sector, such as e-commerce.

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