We unlock the potential of real estate to maximize the value of your investments, minimise uncertainty, improve people's wellbeing, inspire talent, prepare real estate for the future, enhance the impact of your business on its environment and build community.

Talent with a strategic mindset

New challenges, new skills. We bring together in the same team Real Estate experts with specialized profiles: data science, sustainability, human behaviour, experts in creativity and branding, predictive analytics, engineers and architects. All of them with a strategic mindset that allows us to address our clients' real estate challenges from new perspectives.

CBRE´s team and leadership

CBRE's Strategic Consulting team draws on the expertise and knowledge of over 70,000 real estate experts around the world. This scope allows us to reach our clients wherever they are. We help our clients to respond real estate challenges they face by focusing on profitable, sustainable and inclusive real estate strategies.

Strategic partnerships

We believe in collaboration and in the potential of joining capabilities. That why we have strategic alliances that allow us to see further ahead and expand our reach into new territories.


All our solutions are focused on having a positive impact on buildings, people and the environment.

Investment Strategy:

We support companies defining their investment strategy and advise them in the investment/disinvestment process to maximize their value. Learn more 

Corporate Strategy & Portfolio Optimization:

Our mission is to support corporations achieving their growth, transformation and improvement process objectives. Learn more 

People Insights:

Based on the science of human behaviour, we design and manage the best experience for people in spaces. Learn more 


We design ESG strategies that accompany you on your journey towards a real estate strategy with a positive impact on the environment and people. Learn more 

Workplace Estrategy

We focus on providing efficient use of space and creating productive workplaces aligned with the companies' corporate vision and culture.


We create great locations with long-term economic and experiential value, by strategically rethinking spaces and humanising the place. Learn more

Our Leadership Team

  • Carlos Castelló

    Senior Director Strategic Consulting

  • Patricia Garcia de Ponga

    CFO y Head de ESG

  • Marta Colás

    Director Strategic Consulting

  • Rafael Bou

    Client Consulting Mgmt 4

  • Jaime de Paz

    Director Corporate Strategy

  • Tatiana Abreu

    Business Analytics Mgmt 3

  • Teresa Sotomayor

    Associate Director de Workplace Strategy Strategic Consulting

  • Maki Kawaguchi

    Senior Director Placemaking

  • Roberto Sabla Rolles

    Senior Director Place Making

  • Daniel Calvache

    Director Placemaking