Realizing potential in each of the sectors that are relevant to us in the different phases of a lifetime: student housing, coliving, land, residential leasing, residential sales, and senior living.


In the spotlight

The Living sector is capturing everyone's attention. It is in an early phase compared to other markets, and it is one of the real estate segments with the highest growth potential. Socioeconomic changes such as aging population, the exodus to cities, or a more experiential way of living require a new way of understanding real estate solutions around the sector.

Our view

We create Real Estate solutions for all the sectors that are part of people's life cycle: student housing, coliving, land, residential leasing, residential sales, and senior living.

We tackle new dimensions to meet the new needs of promoters, operators, and investors. We accompany you throughout the process, from investment, valuations, financing search, project conception, design, execution, management, digitization, or ESG strategy.

Living sectors

  • Land

    We advise and give our clients access to the land product, through the search, transaction and urban management for all kinds of uses.

  • Student housing

    We promote a consolidated sector through strategies in the development, investment, valuation and management of this kind of asset.

  • Coliving

    We implement an exponential growth sector in Southern Europe by advising on strategy, investment and management.

  • Residential for rent

    We help you to maximise your profitability in one of the segments of Living that is attracting the most interest, the residential rental market.

  • Residential for sale

    We help you define the best residential product and reach potential buyers.

  • Senior Living

    We are promoting a new concept in Spain with great potential, given the increase in life expectancy. Assets oriented to independent people over 65 years old with a wide variety of services.

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Our Experts

  • Javier Kindelan

    Vicepresidente CBRE España

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