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We create the healthiest workplaces. People are a company's most important asset. That is why, at CBRE, we are committed to improving their well-being



People are companies' most valuable asset. Which is why here at CBRE we are committed to improving your WELL-BEING. Experience tells us that by improving an employee’s well-being, we will also improve their commitment, their "at-work" experience and the quality of the time they spend at the office, factors which all improve a company's productivity.

This is why at CBRE we have created two solutions that help us improve the well-being of people in the workplace, whether in an office, a retail unit, or an industrial or logistics warehouse. To achieve this, we work with concepts such as food, air and water quality, fitness, comfort and the mind.

WELL Certification

We are the first company in Spain and the second in Europe to obtain this certification from the Green Building Certification Institute. This means we know exactly what measures and steps need to be implemented in order to achieve this certification.

WELL Consultancy

We design and implement the WELL strategy, thus allowing you to achieve a more productive and a healthier workplace.

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  • Patricia Fuertes

    Associate Director de Welness - Strategic Consulting

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