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Workplace Solutions

Unlock the power of your workplace with user-centered design, delivery and management services. Drive business strategy, inspire human performance and increase employee engagement.



Unlock the power of your workplace with user-centered design, delivery and management services that drive business strategy, inspire human performance and increase employee engagement.

Deep Expertise, Holistic Approach

Dynamic organizations demand high-performing, integrated workplace solutions tied closely to employee expectations and strategic objectives. Our diverse team of experts in workplace strategy, organizational design, change and transformation, design, and occupancy management can identify opportunities to reduce and reallocate underutilized space, enhance your employee experience, effectively manage through change, and align culture and work processes to deliver exceptional places of work.

Unparalleled Intelligence & Technology

Our interactive workplace technology platform provides the critical context, insight and transparency you need to visualize and understand your portfolio. From space planning and programming to accurate and fast project estimating, we provide a range of technology solutions to inform your workplace strategy.

End-to-End Solutions, Executable Strategies

With an end-to-end, data-driven process, we define holistic workplace solutions that meet your unique organizational needs. We temper our recommendations based upon the industry’s largest portfolio of spatial and cost benchmarks to provide clarity and help you implement with confidence.


Our solutions help you boldly envision your future workplace

Workplace Strategy

Define the exact requirements for your future workplace through user-centered research


Provide a holistic approach to employee health and comfort


Translate your strategy and culture into the built environment

Workplace Technology Services

Ensure technology supports a seamless work experience with our full suite of technology consulting, design and project management services

Occupancy Management

Sustain and adapt your new workplace to meet future demands

Change Management

Prepare your people to lead, adopt and sustain change

Organizational Design

Drive transformation and enhance organizational effectiveness

Experience Services

Improve the office experience through technology, amenities and concierge services

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Our Leadership Team

  • Teresa Sotomayor

    Associate Director de Workplace Strategy Strategic Consulting

  • Patricia Fuertes

    Associate Director de Welness Strategic Consulting

  • Miguel Barandalla

    Associate Director de Occupancy Management

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