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Workplace Experience

Realise the potential of workspaces by designing solutions that drive your business goals and put people at the heart of decisions, inspiring them to boost engagement and performance.


Deep knowledge, holistic approach

Today's complex business environment requires dynamic, high-performance workplace solutions that are closely linked to employee expectations and strategic objectives. Our experts in workplace strategy, change management, design and occupancy management identify opportunities to reduce under-utilised space, improve the employee experience and manage change, aligning culture and processes, and creating the best places to work.

Digital and technological commitment

We use digital solutions that provide the information and context needed to see beyond and approach decisions from new angles and perspectives. From digital solutions that perform an accurate and quick estimation of projects, to tools that monitor space usage.

From strategy to implementation

We support you from the definition of the strategy to its execution, creating unique solutions for the specific needs of each organisation, based on the in-depth knowledge and experience that comes from being the world's leading consultancy firm in the development of workplace solutions.


Our solutions help you to envision your future workspace:

Workplace Strategy

We define a strategy to allow you make efficient use of space, establish the necessary surface area, identify needs to create a productive working environment aligned with the corporate vision and culture.

Change management

Any project involving a change in the way of working requires change management. We create the narrative that structures the project and provides a common framework for the entire process. Learn more

User experience

We address all aspects of the user's interaction with the company, its services and its products, driving a consistent experience across all touching points.

Well-being in the work environment

We offer a holistic approach to employee health and wellbeing. Learn more


We bring your culture and strategy to life in a built space. Learn more

Occupancy management

We design solutions to ensure an office adapted and ready to deal with change. Learn more

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    Senior Director A&T Ocupantes

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    Associate Director de Workplace Strategy -Strategic Consulting