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Enhance your portfolio with digital solution advisory, design, delivery and operations.



Achieve your sustainability, operational efficiency and workplace improvement goals with services that align program managers, technical advisors, digital developers and physical implementors to deliver in-wall, in-hand and in-cloud solutions. Working in every asset class, we have delivered more than 100,000 "smart” projects to client portfolios worldwide.

Our data-driven solutions are quantitively proven to lower your costs, risks and carbon output—all while enhancing portfolio uptime, experience, asset life and financial valuation.

Smart Services Experts

Our experts bring scalable capabilities tointroduce enterprise-grade, portfolio-wide turnkey solutions. All implementations are built upon a foundation of open-protocol, cyber-secure and ‘agnostic-advisor-yet-preferred-provider’ components. Our partnerships span 100+ manufacturers—ensuring the right price, control and efficiency for all desired client outcomes.

Smart Building Services

Our smart services tie the digital to the physical solution and include:

Program Management: "Smart transformation" brings major change in terms of parts, process and people moving across the portfolio. Our managers ensure that change is efficiently and effectively delivered from solution design through disposal.

Solution Advisory: "Smart" components and systems are seemingly everywhere, highly branded, and hard to validate. Our advisors help you find the valuable components to meet specific goals building upon your existing infrastructure.

Integración de sistemas: An enterprise-grade automation and optimization solution includes technologies from multiple hardware and software partners. Our engineers help you understand what you have in place today, and how your goals are best met with secure and minimized additions to existing infrastructure.

Occupant Experience: From service to safety, enhanced visual surroundings to innovative app-directed engagements in-building experience is everything. Our combination of digital and physical solutions brings new meaning to the phrase "empowered occupant."

Mantenimiento en remoto: Technology is only as strong as the team behind it; and ROI mandates a remote and scalable resource base to assist what cannot be automated. Our network operations center responds to alarms, remote triages faults and issues informed work orders to address repair and maintenance at fractional costs to on-site teams.

Compromiso ESG: Regulations, mandates and forward-thinking commitments to utility reductions are globalizing. Our portfolio assessors and energy managers measure, verify and continually optimize your portfolio’s utility demands and sources.

Workplace Technology Services: Drive digital transformation and a seamless employee experience with our full suite of technology consulting, design and project management services. We bridge the gap between real estate and IT departments providing consistent implementation across markets, projects and portfolios.

Management Optimization: Utilize your building infrastructure to its highest potential with a direct integration within your outsourced facility management agreement. Our teams can design and price a new facilities management model utilizing all the above to fit your specific needs and goals.

Client Success Stories

  1. United States Retail Portfolio

    CBRE integrated and reutilized existing Building Management Systems (BMS) componentry within a multi-thousand location retail portfolio to start a data-driven portfolio management model producing a 50% truck roll reduction, 18% equipment life extension, and 20% utility reduction driving a <6-month ROI.

  1. Global Distribution Center Portfolio

    CBRE designs, integratesand installs BMS solutions for the world’s largest and fastest-growing distribution center network, encompassing >4,000 monitored sites.

  1. Canadian Office and Data Center Portfolio:

    CBRE integrated technology from 70+ original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands and product suites to deliver a "single-pane-of-glass" view into and active analysis across the largest provincial property portfolio in Canada.

  1. West Coast Technology Campus

    CBRE collaboratively designed, operatesand manages a Fortune 10 technology campus; integrating and scanning >500M data points per 24-hour period and resulting in >48% of system faults corrected within 60 seconds of alarm.


  • Vicente Redondo

    Senior Director CBRE Global Workplace Solutions España y Portugal

  • Miguel Mier

    Director Local Facility Management

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