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Our Sports and Leisure specialty practice provides a full suite of national valuation advisory, due diligence, and litigation support services.

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For decades, real estate assets in the sports sector have been underutilised spaces. Their possibilities and those of the environment in which they are located are multiple and the time has come to reach their full potential.

At CBRE we are pioneers in offering real estate solutions throughout the entire life cycle of sports stadiums, approaching each project from four dimensions: the business needs of the club; the knowledge of the people and fans; the relationship between the sports venue and its neighbourhood/city; and all the real estate knowledge to tackle the project successfully.  

Together with strategic partners such as Bovis from CBRE and MolcaWorld, among others, we offer a comprehensive approach addressing all phases of the real estate cycle.

From strategy and conceptualisation to execution and day-to-day management.

We help to respond to the repositioning of sports stadiums and their surroundings from a strategic consultancy phase, through the design, execution of works or refurbishment, to the user experience inside the space. 

In addition, we accompany our clients in the analysis of the environment, being able to take advantage of it for new commercial uses, leisure or integration into the city.

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A multi-disciplinary team

We are the only consultancy firm able to bring together experts in the real estate sector who are also specialists in ESG, human behaviour, branding, predictive analytics and data science, architects and urban planners in the same team.

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  • José Ángel Sospedra

    Senior Director Sports Development CBRE España

  • Manuel Lloret

    Business Operations Sports

  • Javier González

    Consultant Sports