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Our teams deliver every aspect of your project or program, from managing contracts with the construction supply chain to taking on full health and safety responsibility and risk. With turnkey delivery contracts for every engagement, we are your single-point-of-contact for the entire delivery team, managing every element of the supply chain, driving efficiency in the project process, and compressing the delivery schedule to safely produce results faster.

Benefits of Principal Delivery

There are numerous values to engaging CBRE as Principal for your project. Key benefits include:

  • Single-point-of-contact
  • One contract
  • Increased savings
  • Improved return on your investment
  • Quality assurance
  • Extended warranties
  • Speed-to-market

Our approach reduces the project-related administrative burden on your finance, accounting, sourcing and procurement organizations. In addition to these efficiencies, our principal delivery model can help you realize greater project savings as we leverage our strategic supply chain sourcing partnerships to compress the supply chain, while ensuring quality and simultaneously reducing procurement lead times.

Our Principal Delivery Models

Our team offers pricing certainty through a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) to safeguard your investment. We work closely with you from planning and design through project execution to achieve your objectives with each phase and from each vendor partner. There are variations, but our core Principal Delivery models are:

Construction-Management-at-Risk (Management Contracting)

In this model, CBRE is engaged to manage the process and contract the supply chain for the work, using Terms and Conditions agreed with you.

General Contractor (Principal Contracting)

In this model, CBRE contracts with the you directly to perform the work and the supply chain to complete them, this also includes taking full Health and Safety responsibility and risk. There are further options and variations available based on project scope and preferences, including if the project is a design-build where CBRE would carry the design construction liability.

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