Daniella Argueta

Strategy Analyst

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Daniella Argueta is a Strategy Analyst in CBRE Consulting. Based in Los Angeles, she enables organizations through data-driven site location strategies, negotiating economic incentives, and managing regulatory compliance.

Since joining CBRE in 2021 she has supported clients across multiple sectors in developing implementable real estate strategies. Most recently, she has worked on a multi-state location analysis and a potential headquarters relocation. She has a particular interest in strategic decision-making from data analysis.

Prior to joining CBRE, Daniella worked at Oracle as an Account Executive for their Cloud Tech portfolio, focused on Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. She worked with Oracle’s Fortune 500 companies in several industries including energy/utilities, manufacturing, and financial services. Her primary focus was helping companies optimize and modernize their technology stack.

At the Marshall School of Business at USC, Daniella placed an emphasis in Operational Management and Finance. This resulted in spending time abroad learning about international commerce in Hungary.