Ciara Schewe

Senior Environmental Site Assessor

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Ms. Schewe is a Senior Environmental Site Assessment Assessor CBRE Assessment & Consulting Services (ACS), a division of CBRE Valuation and Advisory Services. Ms. Schewe has over 10 years of experience directly involved in commercial property due diligence and risk management supporting owners, occupiers, lenders, and developers.
As a Senior Environmental Site Assessor, Ms. Schewe conducts on-site Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and/or Phase II subsurface investigations to identify recognized environmental conditions and other conditions of environmental concern for the project and related off-site properties in accordance with ASTM and client specific standards as an Environmental Professional or Complete NEPA & Section 106 related research, submissions and outreach related to historic preservation, endangered species, wetlands, floodplains, etc. 


Ms. Schewe has experience with Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, field sampling (groundwater, soil, air, lead, asbestos, and radon), and project management. Her extensive experience includes both formal education and technical field experience. She has worked in the private sector for organizations with great diversity and in the public sector at a state environmental regulatory agency.