Romania MarketView H1 2019

31 jul. 2019

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  • In the first six months of 2019, Romania’s investment volume totaled for approx. EUR 340 mln., a figure similar to the one registered in the first semester of the previous year, with an average deal value of EUR 26 mln.
  • Over a million square meters of development sites were transacted in Romania in the first six months of 2019. The largest amount was traded nationwide, while Bucharest accounted for 33% of the transacted area. Investors targeted mainly land plots suitable for future industrial and commercial use, namely 49% and 45% of the total area, while development sites with residential, office and mixed-use together accounting for 6% from the total square meters.
  • In the first semester of 2019 the modern office stock surpassed the 3 mln. sq m threshold, reaching 3.1 mln. sq m, an 11% increase QoQ. Since the beginning of 2019, 195,000 sq m were added to the stock. The West sub-market accounted for the largest share of modern office spaces delivered, respectively 57%, while CBD, Central and Pipera sub-markets jointly accounted for 39% of the new space, with 13% each from the total new deliveries.
  • The total modern retail stock, which includes both retail parks and shopping centres accounts in H1 2019 approx. 3.7 mln. sq. m. The great majority of the stock is spread nationwide while Bucharest has a share of 31%.
  • During the first semester of 2019, the modern industrial stock surpassed the 4 mln. sq m milestone since a new supply of 240,000 sq m was brought on the market. Regional cities accommodate 55% from the modern stock, while the capital city alone is responsible for the remaining 45%, almost half of the total analysed schemes being concentrated in the most wanted place to be in Romania by industrial developers.