Creating Resilience

Real Estate Strategy Reset

Eight Core Truths Guiding the Future of Work

Por Julie Whelan, CBRE Kristin Sexton Mark Seeley Mike L. Nelson Manish Kashyap Christelle Bron

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Throughout these remarkably disruptive times, we’ve been listening to, and learning from, some of the most influential corporate real estate executives as our industry focuses on finding the path forward.

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Insights gained from corporate real estate leaders across the world throughout 2020 have underscored a confluence of approaches in four core areas—TALENT, LOCATION, OCCUPANCY, and DESIGN & EXPERIENCE—that will be at the forefront of our priorities and strategic outcomes for 2021 and beyond.

Despite significant uncertainty, corporate real estate leaders must now embrace the unknown and confront the new realities of business.

The following report outlines the eight core truths that CBRE experts believe are guiding companies today, as well as the key considerations corporate real estate leaders must examine when evaluating long- and short-term business decisions that will determine the future of work.