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Amid the daily disruptions caused by COVID-19, CBRE expresses our sympathies to everyone around the world who is coping with the virus’s severe consequences.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our people, clients, suppliers and their families. Nothing is more important to us, today and always.

CBRE and our people are doing what we can to achieve social distancing, while continuing to provide the services our clients rely on. In many instances, CBRE teams (which include building engineers, mobile technicians and others) are performing vital, location-specific work that cannot be performed remotely. We thank these dedicated professionals for the often mission-critical work they are doing every day at hospitals, data centers and other facilities.

Finally, we salute the doctors, nurses, first responders and many ordinary people who are going to great lengths to help our neighbors and communities in distress. We admire their courage, applaud their sacrifices and are inspired by their example.

Stay safe and well,

Bob Sulentic
President & CEO