In today's day and age, data is the new "gold dust". Being able to obtain and crunch vital statistics in order to add strategic value is a must for companies. However, despite the fact that the vast majority of companies confirm that data analysis is important for their corporate strategy, only 28% believe they go about it in the right way.

This is why we’ve developed Discovery, a combination of Big Data solutions that allows information to be accessed in real time, and allows the client to be up-to-date and control all their properties in real time, whether they be landlords or tenants.

We create made-to-measure processes and systems to provide our clients with value-add real estate information. It doesn’t matter how many information sources there are or what operating system the company uses; we crunch the data and, thanks to our global vision, we add strategic value.

Solutions for landlords

  • Valuation Discovery and Property Discovery: help landlords to have a clearer idea of the valuations of their assets, plots of land and real estate developments.
  • Research Discovery: provides an accurate picture of exactly where the market is at and compares properties.
  • AVM Discovery: allows you to carry out automatic property portfolio valuations.

Solutions for tenants

  • Portfolio Discovery: helps tenants control and manage their lease agreements and calculate the impact that new regulations such as the IFRS16 will have on them.
  • Inmo Discovery: analyses all of the information relating to asset management, such as lease agreements, energy and facility management.