The very best team

We advise our clients by completing detailed regulated valuations (tasaciones), both for individual properties and property portfolios, in accordance with Spanish legislation.

Since April 2011, CBRE Valuation Advisory has been authorised to carry out regulated valuations in accordance with Spanish legislation (ECO/805/2003).

We have 8 offices and a team of over 230 professionals, all with the training and knowledge required to value each property and all specialising in different geographical areas and asset classes. Our experienced Control Management team, boasting over 150 years’ of combined experience, comprises 10 technical experts who specialise by geographical area and sector (residential, industrial, agricultural, commercial).

What sets us apart

Our commitment to technology, together with the extensive databases which we have built up over our 40-year history of valuing properties and our 6-year history as a regulated valuer, allows us to provide the quality and meticulous service that today’s market requires.

"We have compiled data on more than 10 million sales and purchase offers, over 2 million lettings and 500,000 sales. This information, coupled with our innovative technology allows us to carry out regulated valuations quickly and accurately. "