Feel the strength of our hundreds of millions of visitors in our leading shopping centers, office buildings and 37 Makro centers nationwide. We provide you with different spaces in which you can place your advertising, install a promotional stand or place a kiosk for your product sale.

We offer you the possibility of reaching your final consumer directly in a creative, unique and original way.

Sale of product at temporary sale point

Set up your kiosk or hire a pop up store at any of our centers. We advise you on everything you may need: design, location, which center is best suited to your offer by public profile and recommendations on all aspects necessary for your product or service to reach your customer in the most direct and effective way.

Rental of advertising media

Complement your advertising campaigns with impressive media, exhibitions, promotional stands and any creative action. We will help you generate a greater impact and make your investment more profitable.

We have a wide variety of media ranging from marketing actions to digital displays, seasonal fairs, exhibitors stands, banners and different spaces in which you can segment and target your audience. We put at your disposal endless possibilities to surprise and connect with our hundreds of millions of visitors.