Focus on client satisfaction

At CBRE we understand that we have three clients in asset management: the property owner, the tenants and the customers. Our clients satisfaction with the product combined with the satisfaction of our management are key to success, both for us and for the properties of the assets that we manage, ensuring rental income and an increase of the value of the assets. Proactive customer service means that we are not only listening to our customers, but to the market and anticipating the needs of owners, tenants and customers.

Our management teams use innovative and effective tools in a highly collaborative and international environment, where knowledge and best cases are shared so that employees can learn and continuously improve.

Proactive and integrated management of real estate assets

  • Commercial, technical, financial and marketing management
  • Personal approach and focus on customer satisfaction
  • Excellent processes and systems through innovative solutions
  • International platform for sharing knowledge and talent

  • Premier Properties Program for unique offices in prime locations
  • Quality certification program for Shopping Centres
  • Focus on ethical and responsible business practices

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