We help you to manage your property portfolio and achieve the highest returns possible for all asset classes – offices, retail, industrial and logistics warehouses etc. We provide you with a clear overview of all your properties, so that you can easily consult key stats and monitor the performance of each and every one in real time, all in accordance with international accounting standards (IFRS16).

As well as being up-to-date with the key metrics for all of your properties, we help you to manage them. We identify improvements that can be made to ensure that your properties are aligned with your strategic goals, generate savings, notify you of upcoming lease expiries and reduce your risks. Following an initial analysis and after making certain improvements, our tried and tested experience shows that our clients can make savings of up to 20%.

We currently manage over 1,000 assets across Spain for more than 100 companies in Spain.

CBRE has successfully identified and achieved savings of over €60 million for our clients across the globe.

Our core portfolio services


Data management/
lease administration

We’ll enter and manage information from across your portfolio in a single database. Here, you’ll be able to immediately access all of the vital information connected to your property, including the type of lease and property, length of the lease, critical dates and when it can be changed.

Client Accounting

Our full property and lease accounting service includes accounts payable and receivable. We’ll ensure only contracted property charges are paid, such as rent rates, service charges, and insurance. The team also manages all financial lease accounting - property related payments from tenants; accurate budgets and business plans, and rent and service charge audits.

Estates Management

Primarily offered in Spain, we’ll manage your operational and contractual relationships with landlords and tenants.



Industrial & Logistics