In addition to service activities, logistics are essential to the

development of metropolitan areas, and a major determinant of the

urban economy.

Although warehouses are a standard feature of logistics, the rising

power of e-commerce is disrupting the norm by creating a range of

real estate products likely to be incorporated at the heart of the

changing supply chain, with a variety of models which reflects the

speed with which consumerism is changing. The competitive

challenges related to the compression of delivery times motivate

growing circuit productivity, both upstream (seeking large-scale

savings) and downstream(urban logistics and distribution).

Greater on-line purchasing flexibility creates increased complexity

for retailers and their service providers. Immersed in a dense and

firmly established economic fabric, access to Paris presents a

number of constraints. Between delivery efficiency and

environmental constraints, what levers are key players in the sector

adopting to satisfy the needs of the Paris region?