Calle Treseta, 27 Madrid


2.236 sqm

The challenge

Skybona asked us to help them manage and coordinate the development of a global project comprising two highly distinguished teams. The tunnel construction project, which was planned and coordinated by the CBRE Architecture team and built by Ferrovial, had to house all of the wind tunnel technology and machinery provided by the second team, ISG, Skybona's partner.

The project had to be carried out to the highest standards of quality regarding construction and spatial solutions, as well as be within budget and meet the stipulated timeframes.

The solution

We designed a management strategy based on centralising all areas of management via a Project Manager, who coordinated the local and international teams, ensuring there was both optimal communication and that answers were provided quickly.

We implemented a unique design concept for the whole building, providing it with its own unique corporate identity, individually defining each of the building’s areas and strengthening the public space, which is designed around the building’s central feature: the flight chamber.

Added value

Thanks to our design, we managed to project a new, fresh, modern and technology-based image, as well as optimising the space, achieving maximum flexibility in the public space.