We spot the space that Prosegur had been looking for months


Prosegur had been searching for a very specific office for their new Cyber Security business in Madrid: a modern and unique space, with open-plan floors, which they just could not find. After four months of fruitless searching, they contacted us.


We listened to the needs of Prosegur's new business division, to understand exactly what type of space was required. We soon realised that we were not only on the brink of finding the perfect office in record time, but that we were also going to provide a solution for two other clients, who also had the same problem. On the one hand, the previus tenant, needed to reach an agreement with the landlord, as it wanted to move one of its business units two years prior to its lease expiry. The landlord wanted the empty space to be taken by a top-tier company. This was the space that Prosegur had been looking for all those months.

That is how we solved the needs of thre different clients: the previus tenant, the landlord and the new tenant (Prosegur). We did the perfect match!



Prosegur signed a lease agreement on unbeatable terms, 25% below the market average


Prosegur could continue to run its business without losing money or time, moving in the very next day