Torre Azca, Madrid financial district 


20.000 sqm

The challenge

EY needed to bring all of its professionals in Madrid together into one landmark headquarters. Their new space also had to become the symbol and showcase for their new corporate brand, and incorporate the new ways of working that the company had rolled out on a global scale.

The solution

At CBRE, we helped create an office that successfully combined all the required elements: flexibility, innovation, prestige and efficiency.

We created a unique design concept, giving each floor a bold corporate identity, we designed a canteen that rivalled any one of Madrid’s in-vogue eateries. We designed a strategy to standardise each floor, thereby gaining flexibility and allowing the company to grow. We removed the offices and created new spaces with added value for employees. We helped them develop their Innovation Centre concept, creating a technology hub that would charge the senses and provide that all important wow-factor for their clients.